2023 National Work Zone Awareness Week

This year’s National Work Zone Awareness Week brought with it something extra to take notice of! The NYS Laborers Union is pleased to see their long-fought and hard-won Automated Work Zone Speed Monitoring legislation officially implemented to help curb speeding in work zones, and is thankful for the agencies, organizations and elected leaders who supported it and assisted with making it an actuality.

“National Work Zone Awareness Week is an honorable annual endeavor that serves as a reminder for all drivers that highway work zones are inherently dangerous places to work, and our members perform those jobs daily so we can easily navigate our communities,” said Frank Marchese, Jr., Executive Director, New York State Laborers’ Health and Safety Trust Fund. “We all owe it to the men and women of the New York State Laborers to drive safely and attentively through their work zones and to do everything within our capability to ensure their safety. Every single person on those jobsites is important to someone. Do your part to make sure they return home to their families.”