National Work Zone Awareness Week 2024.

We were honored to join our partners in work zone safety to launch National Work Zone Awareness Week 2024! NYS Laborers Health and Safety Director Frank Marchese Jr. spoke about the Laborers’ commitment to uplifting and protecting New York’s workers through safety training and policy. Representatives from the New York State Thruway Authority, the New […] Read More


Every day, New Yorkers rely on roads and bridges to SAFELY get them to work, back home and to various other destinations. It has been consistently documented that this infrastructure is falling into various states of disrepair, collectively costing New York drivers billions in vehicle repairs and wear and tear. By increasing funding for the […] Read More

A Win For The Working Class – A Win For New York

Today Governor Kathy Hochul proved once again that she, her administration and the State of New York are undoubtedly pro-union and pro-working New Yorkers by signing momentous legislation that uplifts the men and women who build our state and protects ratepaying New Yorkers – the Roadway Excavation Quality Assurance Act.


Establish a project labor agreement for SUNY construction projects of $3 million or moreSUPPORT A5486/S6050! For decades, members of the New York State Laborers Union have taken great pride in building and maintaining our SUNY campuses. Through New York State’s commitment and the collective work of the Laborers and other Building Trades members, we’ve created […] Read More


An investment in workers is an investment in New York.  New York’s budget must attach labor standards to jobs in the clean energy sector. By investing in workers and prioritizing the environment, we can build a better, greener New York.

Historic Environmental Bond Act PASSES

When labor fights together, we win! We’re proud of every union brother and sister that showed up to the polls to prove that ONE UNION, ONE VOTE can make a difference. The Environmental Bond Act invests $4.2 billion overall in new and existing programs and projects to create a cleaner, safer New York. This funding […] Read More

Vote YES for Clean Air, Clean Water & GOOD JOBS!

It isn’t often that New Yorkers have the opportunity to vote for something that will directly impact their everyday lives. Their family’s lives for generations to come. The future of our state. Voting YES for the Environmental Bond Act (Proposition One) is one of those opportunities. By voting YES for the Environmental Bond Act, you’re […] Read More

2022 New York State Budget Successes

New York State Laborers’ Tri-Funds staff fought hard for and secured imperative wins this budget season that directly benefit our members, our local unions and organized labor. Through productive dialogue and negotiations with legislative members, fellow labor unions and influential statewide organizations, Tri-Funds staff has ensured 2022 will be a successful year for the New […] Read More

A Promise Kept! Thank you Rep. Delgado!

The passage of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill marks a historic investment in our roads, bridges, transit, energy systems and more, and it guarantees that hardworking LIUNA members will have clear pathways to solid, life-changing union jobs. Congressman Delgado assured us that he’d fight hard to get this legislation over the finish line – and he […] Read More

Support the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework TODAY!

With the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework vote approaching, Tri-Funds staff headed down to the NYS Capitol to hit up the lunch crowd and urge people to contact their representative and demand they vote YES for infrastructure! If you’re a LIUNA member, be sure to show your support for this life-changing legislation by sending a letter to […] Read More


SEPT. 6, 2021 While Labor Day will always be a significant day for union brothers and sisters throughout the country, today marks a historic day for New York State as Governor Kathy Hochul signed a legislation package that will expand the protection afforded working New Yorkers and further empower them – a pro-worker package that […] Read More