National Work Zone Awareness Week 2024.

“National Work Zone Awareness Week serves as a reminder for all drivers that highway work zones are inherently dangerous places to work. LIUNA members, who are also valued members of their communities, perform these jobs daily so we can easily travel to and from our desired destinations. We all owe it to the men and women of the New York State Laborers to drive slowly, safely and attentively through their work zones. Every single person on those jobsites is important to someone. Do your part to make sure they return home to those who love them.”
Frank Marchese, Jr., Executive Director, New York State Laborers’ Health and Safety Trust Fund

We were honored to join our partners in work zone safety to launch National Work Zone Awareness Week 2024! NYS Laborers Health and Safety Director Frank Marchese Jr. spoke about the Laborers’ commitment to uplifting and protecting New York’s workers through safety training and policy.

Representatives from the New York State Thruway Authority, the New York State Department of Transportation, Thruway Authority Commissioner Dominguez, the New York State Police, Assembly Member Bill Magnarelli, the workers that build and maintain New York’s roads, and other stakeholders joined together to say “your community is our community,” and remind drivers that the workers on our roads are from local communities and committed to building a better New York for all.