Use Union Labor

New York State Laborers signatory contractors are the most competitive in the industry, completing projects ahead of schedule, under budget and of the highest quality possible. Our members are highly and continuously trained, ensuring safety and efficiency on the jobsite. Combine those forces, and together we set the gold standard for construction in New York State.

Become A Signatory Contractor

Our goal is to always increase union-sector market share, and that means increasing the market share for our signatory contractors as well. We aggressively promote our contractors via multiple marketing and public relations activities, throughout industry publications and events and at the state, county and municipal government levels. 


    “Committing to a job means committing to completing it on time and on budget. Each time I sign my name on a contract, I’m making the choice to stake my reputation. And that’s why union labor is my clear choice. LIUNA trains a workforce that is highly-skilled across multiple disciplines and dedicated to safety; and that saves me time, and it saves me money. I build my reputation on quality, so I build my workforce with LIUNA.”

    Richard Lombardi, Vice President of Labor Relations
    ECCO III Enterprises, Inc.

    “Hiring LIUNA members means signatory contractors have the best, most diverse employees working on their jobsites. LIUNA’s extensive training program is cutting-edge, modern and aligned with emerging industry trends and advancements. Graduates of the training program excel at applying the newest technology to all projects. LIUNA-trained laborers are in a class all their own.”

    Earl R. Hall, Executive Director
    Construction Employers Association of Central NY

    “The biggest myth out there among contractors and developers is that there isn’t a big enough pool of skilled workers to get jobs done. In New York State, LIUNA is more than 40,000 members strong—and they’re far more than just numbers. LIUNA Training has the top facilities, superior instructors, an advanced curriculum and unparalleled apprenticeship programs. Their members are continuously upskilled throughout their careers—meaning my job is getting done right.”

    Chris Asaro, President
    Holt Construction Corp.

    “Our signatory contractors and developers are cornerstone contributors to New York State’s prosperity. They put our members to work, together building our cities and our neighborhoods. They invest in our communities. And we reciprocate that investment. LIUNA invests more than $100 million in member education each year. That’s $100 million to ensure our contractors have the most qualified, highly-skilled workforce. It’s our commitment to getting the job done right, by professionals that will never let you down. That’s our demonstration of respect for the craft.”

    Patrick Purcell, Executive Director
    New York State LECET

Never Miss A Lead Again! 

Market Expansion Program For Contractors 

The Market Expansion Program for Contractors (MEPC) provides LIUNA signatory contractors with a custom project lead and alert system that is second to none. 

Our program sends our signatory contractors customized bid opportunities tailored to their specific needs by email on a daily basis. MEPC is available to all of our signatory contractors, and currently has details on over 700,000 projects with a total dollar value of over $1 trillion. 

MEPC Contractor Benefits

  • Tailored project leads sent directly by email and filtered through a robust index of construction data
  • Secure online profile management
  • Comprehensive project monitoring
  • Increased market opportunities
  • Hyperlinked bid calendar
  • Maximize project research and business development efforts