NEW YORK STATE LECET (LABORERS-EMPLOYERS COOPERATION AND EDUCATION TRUST) is a labor-management partnership between our affiliated LIUNA Laborers’ locals and its signatory contractors. We work together to strengthen our collective position in the construction market, identify new and emerging markets, and capitalize on those opportunities. We provide one-stop shopping for innovative marketing and advertising strategies, government agency relationships, market-related legislation and regulatory initiatives, community and business alliances, and a variety of unique job tracking services.

We Are The Community

New York State LECET works closely with our local unions and union contractors to maintain a diverse membership. This diversity aids contractors when dealing with local communities, electeds and awarding agencies.

Working with legislators, policymakers and other stakeholders, NYS LECET aggressively advocates for legislation that will promote increased market share for our members and affiliated contractors, as well as greater safety protections for workers across the state. Through our advocacy and lobbying efforts, we raise the floor for all workers, ensuring those tasked with building our state are paid family sustaining wages and benefits, and are able to safely return home at the end of each work day.

NYS LECET’s prevailing wage compliance program helps to make the awarding of public works projects more competitive by promoting contractor compliance with state and federal prevailing wage laws and other labor standards. NYS LECET provides staff and resources to monitor prevailing wage compliance on government projects all across New York State.

LIUNA supports an “all-of-the-above” energy policy and is invested in energy development. LIUNA members assist in the construction and maintenance of power plants and substations, and the installation, maintenance and repair of new and existing oil and gas pipelines. Our members are trained in new technologies and are experienced in the installation of solar panels, wind turbines, green roofs, and serve as building retrofit specialists and energy auditors. NYS LECET is committed to building the union market share in New York State’s energy sector. LECET and its affiliates work with industry groups, state agencies, and coalitions to make sure key policymakers hear a labor-management voice on issues of concern to the entire energy industry.

One of NYS LECET’s main goals is to capture the competitive edge and develop more job opportunities for Laborers, our affiliated contractors and project owners (LEARN MORE ABOUT BECOMING A SIGNATORY CONTRACTOR). By working closely with our local unions and district councils as well as with our contractors, NYS LECET has been successful in:

  • promoting investment in transportation and infrastructure improvements
  • monitoring and fostering compliance with prevailing wage requirements
  • publicizing the benefits of unionized construction

NYS LECET plays an important role in helping developers of large projects clear regulatory hurdles and ensuring that politicians and other key decision-makers realize the importance of these projects for our members and our communities.

NYS LECET is aggressive and results-oriented.

NYS LECET has joined with other unions and highway contractor associations to generate more state funding for highway and mass transit construction in the state and protect the many members and contractors who work in heavy and highway construction.

While securing better working conditions and more job opportunities is our priority, that’s not all we do.

And NYS LECET participates in recruitment efforts at job fairs, trade shows and high schools to tell young people about the benefits and satisfactions of a career in construction.