In 1987 the NYS Laborers formed a statewide political action committee to help bring about a unified policy and electoral voice for the 40,000 plus union members of LIUNA that live and work in New York. Since then, the NYS Laborers’ PAC has become one of the most active and powerful forces in New York State politics.

The NYS Laborers’ PAC is a non-partisan political group that supports candidates and elects from both parties as long as they demonstrate that they support the priorities and values of LIUNA. Funded through voluntary member contributions, the NYS Laborers’ PAC participates and endorses candidates in races for statewide, county and local and town elections.

The NYS Laborers’ PAC employs a comprehensive endorsement process to select and promote which candidates it supports, ensuring the people who are elected will best serve the interests of the working men and women of our union. Beyond endorsements, the NYS Laborers’ PAC runs ongoing voter registration drives for members and their families, never taking for granted the value of every vote. Our GOTV program is second to none, including member voter guides, phone banks, social media communications and member to member outreach.

The NYS Laborers’ PAC is part of the NYS Laborers’ Tri-Funds, which include NYS LECET and NYS Health and Safety. While the LECET fund promotes and advances legislative and budgetary priorities and industry advancement campaigns, the Health and Safety fund ensures job sites and members have the resources they need to stay safe at work. In coordination with these funds, the NYS Laborers’ PAC remains committed to doing its part to make sure our elected leaders are held accountable for advancing fair wages, delivering safer worksites, and guaranteeing that the unionized construction industry is strong and growing.