Vote YES for Clean Air, Clean Water & GOOD JOBS!

It isn’t often that New Yorkers have the opportunity to vote for something that will directly impact their everyday lives. Their family’s lives for generations to come. The future of our state.

Voting YES for the Environmental Bond Act (Proposition One) is one of those opportunities.

By voting YES for the Environmental Bond Act, you’re voting YES for critical infrastructure to deliver clean water to our communities and air that’s safe to breathe. You’re voting YES for shoreline retention and flood risk reduction that will keep our families safe. You’re voting to keep our precious natural spaces wild and protected. You’re voting to bolster family farms that ensure there’s food on our tables.

You’re voting for GOOD construction jobs with SOLID wages that provide a clear path to the middle class for working families.

You’re voting for funding that creates healthy communities, a strong economy and a safer future – funding that is solidly PRO-NEW YORK.

The Environmental Bond Act invests $4.2 billion overall in new and existing programs and projects to create a cleaner, safer New York. This funding includes prevailing wage requirements on both publicly and privately owned projects – solid wages for hardworking New Yorkers.


  • Large scale projects receiving $25 million or more in bond funds will conduct PLA feasibility studies
  • All private projects will have the option to opt out of prevailing wage requirements by entering into a PLA
  • Labor Peace will apply on privately owned projects
  • Buy American provisions are included
  • Large scale projects with a value of $50 million or more will have apprenticeship requirements


  • $1.1 billion restoration and flood risk reduction 
  • $650 million open space land conservation
  • $1.5 billion climate change mitigation 
  • $650 million water quality improvement and resilient infrastructure