Essay: City Council should move forward with new RPD substation

While it’s a year that many of us would like to forget, 2020 will forever be remembered for the turmoil, fear, and health, social and economic crises our nation faced. The COVID-19 pandemic has systematically killed hundreds of thousands nationwide, irreversibly sickened countless more and crippled our economy.

Families have forever been changed, whether it’s by the loss of a family member, the financial instability they face as they wonder if their job is next on the chopping block, or the loss of a job that has now forced them to go without.

Not a single community in our entire country was left unaffected in some way; and that obviously includes all of us here in Rochester.

We have been collectively forced to face the harsh reality that so much that affects our daily lives is out of our control. As the pandemic rages on, we’ve watched our friends and family lose jobs, and we’ve watched our local businesses suffer and close. We’ve come to the realization that Rochester’s economic landscape will look different.

However, there is something we as a city can do that’s a proven shot in the arm for any economy: build.